+ About +

Luxury hand poured essential oil soy candles & blooms for gifts & events.

+ Candle Care & Safety +

Trim your wicks to 1/4 inch (7mm) each time, before you relight your candle. 

Burn your candle within sight, keep away from children, pets and any flammable items. Do not move a lit candle and never leave unattended. Burn on heat resistant surface only.

+ Founder +

Ali Smeal

The name Love Candles & Blooms came from Ali's love for candles, blooms and beautiful organic products. Beginning her candle making journey in 2014 she has developed the LC&B brand from a hobby to a luxury sought after product. Freshly made in Brisbane, Australia, Ali hand pours every single candle and packages them for her buyers. It's rare to know exactly by who and where your purchase was made, which makes LC&B even more special. Whether it's an event, a gift for a friend, loved one or client, LC&B is all about sharing the love - in the classiest, most luxurious kind of way.


Contact info@lcandb.com for wholesale prices.